The word ‘Oracle’ is often translated as ‘knowing everything’, but do you know everything about ORACLE the company?

Suited for both customers and partners. Ideal for new to Oracle, individuals or organisations, a new project, thinking about investing in Oracle or just to help bring your teams upto the same understanding.This fixed price course will help your organisation understand Oracle, what it is, what it does and how it does it.

AGENDA includes:

- Company

- Strategy

- Breadth of Offerings

- Working with Oracle

   - As a customer

   - As a partner

   - As a result of acquisition

- Oracle Cloud Strategy and what that means to you



  • Short course £3K
  • Long Course £4K
  • 2 Short courses on same day £4.5k
  • UK only - Prices include expenses


Email for more details


The course is delivered on your premises to a class size of your choice. The short version is 3.5 hours and the longer version which goes into more detail and allows for more discussin is 6 hours. 2 short classes can be delivered on one day if you wish to split the audience.

This is an independent course, personal view based on 20 years working with Oracle in various roles through development, support, EBS implementation, Alliances Director, User group leader and Fusion Champion.