DCL is Debra Lilley, an independent consultant who for an agreed fixed fee will assist You in understanding Oracle products and solutions and how You can enable Your organisation to maximise your Oracle investment and achieve Your strategy. Consultancy to educate, advise, plan and select the right route and delivery partners for You.

Debra has 18 years' experience with Oracle, working with customers in all stages of their investment: pre sales, education, implementation and support; as well as 4 years as an Alliances Director for an Oracle Diamond Partner. As an Oracle ACE Director Debra has presented at over 100 events about Oracle Applications and the Technology they are built on. She is one of only a handful of Applications ACE Directors and the only one outside the US focusing on Fusion Applications and is an Oracle Applications User Experience Advocate. As a user group leader Debra led the global usergroup input into Oracle Development for Fusion Applications.

Why the tree?

A tree represents knowledge and for Oracle that means many branches, but actually it is far more simple than that; Debra lives in a small village in Northern Ireland called Ballynure, which means homestead of the Yewtree.

The picture was drawn as a commission by ZAM.